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1: No discussion of religion or politics. This rule exists to minimise flamewars and workload for the staff.

This is a tech forum, we don't care whether you believe in the absolute independence of the free market or the absolute solidarity of the proletariat. We believe you have the right to worship according to your faith & conscience, or not, but we don't wish to hear about it here.

2: No flaming, trolling or personal abuse. See above. Fighting is bad for a community and distracts from our primary purpose.

If you feel a particular piece of hardware or software, or a given technique sucks, you better have some very good reasoning behind it. A well-argued point is a useful resource for other users to base their choices on. However this should never be allowed to infringe on our basic respect for the views & opinions of others.

3. Posting:

You'll have to pass our quiz in order to earn posting permission and after that, wherever possible, post in an existing relevant topic! New topics must have a clear and understandable title related to their content. Topics with titles like "Look Here!" "Please help!" (or worse still "please HELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!") will be removed.

4. Attachments, Files and Programs.

Where possible, include source code. We believe strongly that open source is of benefit to everyone and give priority to projects that follow this path.

In every case, try to include a complete description of what you have uploaded, including versions and any modifications (binary patch, plist edit or source modification) and the relevant licence where applicable.

Repackaging of existing material must be labelled as such, with the versions and files included and their provenance clearly stated wherever possible.

If you have something that is requested or useful and you don't know where it came from, just say so and include as much as you know.

You are responsible for respecting the rights of the original producer of anything you upload. (i.e No Warez!)

5. Absolutely no donation requests!

It's been part of the ethos of this site from day one that the work should be opensource as far as possible and done for the fun and challenge of the work itself, not for any other motivation.

Whilst the concept of working together and creating useful materials has always been at the heart of how this place is run, we have not needed to explicitly explain this in a rule until now.


Please use the report function to bring our attention to topics that are inappropriate, duplicates, break any rules, or have become cluttered or illegible. Also please report users that break any rules. We can't read every post, we depend on you to draw our attention to where it is needed. Use of the report function for any other purpose, such as attempting to get a quicker answer to your question, will be penalised.