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> Nvenabler Testing And Discussion, new universal kext for nVidia
post Dec 10 2014, 09:41 AM
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QUOTE (Krazubu @ Dec 10 2014, 10:57 AM) *
I might try some other edits when I find some time

Thank you very much indeed!

After trying virtually all possible values of display-cfg I removed all the injection strings and let Chimera handle everything WITH YOUR ROM loaded.

The automatically generated NVCAP was exactly the same as you proposed (excluding version number 04 vs 05):


But the display-cfg values remain ffffffff / ffffffff. It looks like something in my ROM prevents Chimera from calculating proper display-cfg values.

QUOTE (Krazubu @ Dec 10 2014, 10:57 AM) *
but this will be completely experimental (understand "no idea of what I'm doing" tongue.gif)

Anyway, thanks and sorry for all the hassle!

=== / === \ === / ===


If you had to tweak or roll back your AppleHDA.kext and have issues with connection LCD panel via HDMI, this might concern you.

--- / --- \ --- / --- \ ---- / --- \ --- / ---

My GTS 250 has 3 ports: DVI-I, VGA, HDMI.

For several years I was pretty happy with SL 10.6.8 / Chimera 1.4.1 / GraphicsEnabler=Yes using Samsung P2270 on a DVD-I port without any hassle.

Recently I bought a new LCD panel DELL U2414H with HDMI and DP connectors only and all of a sudden it was useless.

So, the facts.

--- / --- \ --- / --- \ ---- / --- \ --- / ---

Anything (I mean a panel, not just cabel or adapter) connected to HDMI or to DVI-I via adapter -- black screen on boot. Backlight on, system accessible through SSH.

Anything hot-plugged to HDMI or to DVI-I via adapter -- WindowsServer (graphics interface) hangs, system accessible through SSH.

If I let system boot to welcome screen with a panel connected to DVI-I, then connect the second panel to HDMI port (WindowServer hangs, as usual) then disconnect DVI-I and put an adapter their -- voila! -- I see the welcome screen throught DVI-I to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable! But since graphics interface is hung it is not a solution.

My very first idea was that for whatever reason NVidia driver does not expect any audio interface on HDMI, because actually it is the only difference between DVI-I and HDMI.

After extensive research this idea proved to be correct, but I have already spent more than a week playing NVCAP / display-cfg / etc. to solve the issue. I have also patched my VBIOS to remove all analog DBC entries (many thanks to Krazubu for help!), then I played with relevant DPI / DSI fields, especially with "EDID source".

--- / --- \ --- / --- \ ---- / --- \ --- / ---

Long story short, here is the solution.

In fact, when you connect the same panel to different ports it supplies different EDIDs. The one for DVI-I is 128 bytes long -- version 1.3 without any extension blocks. The one for HDMI is usually 256 bytes long and includes an extenstion block describing TV-modes and audio interface.

As soon as you find a way to supply "DVI-version" of EDID to NVidia driver, everything works like a charm. I suspect that my older version of AppleHDA (I had to roll back to get sound working) is not compartible with NVidia driver from 10.6.8.

Unfortunately it is not as easy as you might expect.

I was getting a black screen every time I boot with a panel attached to HDMI (or to DVI-I through adapter) and could see a longer "HDMI-version" of EDID (ioreg -lw0 | grep EDID) no metter what.

I have checked every clue I could find and finally discovered, that "AAPL0x,override-no-noconnect" allows to replace a "bad" EDID with a "good" one, but the panel SHOULD NOT be connected when you boot!

The problem is, that AT LEAST ONE display is required for WindowServer to start properly (and it can't be connected via HDMI as we already know).

Thus, you have to use either VGA or DVI port to boot and ONLY THEN connect something to HDMI.

Since it will be you second panel, you have to use:


As far as I can see from ioreg, the Clover feature "InjectEDID / CustomEDID" is just injecting "AAPL01,override-no-noconnect", so it is useless for the second panel.

I still hope to find a way to boot with HDMI cable attached, still need to figure out what are the correct values for these properties:


Anyway, I hope this information will be useful for other guys.

This post has been edited by icoder: Dec 17 2014, 12:24 PM
E7300 @ 2.66 / 4 x PSD22G80026 / GA EP45-DS3 F9 / GV-N250OC-1GI F11 = 10.6.8

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