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> Reinstalling Iatkos S3, Select a drive... any drive.
D A R K S 7 A R
post Sep 11 2010, 10:09 AM
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Well, first of all, forgive me for being a little new to the concept of Hackintoshes. I uninstalled my iAtkos S3 OSX86 installation from my laptop when I was attempting to free some hard drive space, and I would like to reinstall the OS, to see if I can finally find a method of connecting to the internet with it. However, I am not sure what partition I should be installing on. I cannot remember the drive I installed iAtkos S3 on initially, and I'm hoping that you may know what I should do in this situation. Below are the drives and some brief information:

disk0s1: 9.44GB free. Unmounted, unformatted, with no support for journaling. It is designated as Disk 0, Partition 1, and has an IODeviceTree, whatever that is.
My Thoughts: I'm assuming that this drive is needed for the start-up of my machine or something, seeing as I have never seen it before, and it doesn't appear to be visible in my Windows 7 'Computer' option.

disk0s2: Also identified as 'Untitled'. It doesn't seem to have any real information on it, and is an NTFS drive, with an IODeviceTree again. I don't know what to think about this particular drive.

disk0s3: Also identified as 'Data'. This drive appears in my Windows partition, and if I am not mistaken I partitioned it to install OSX86 in the past. This would likely be the drive that I would be using for this situation, but I was also thinking of the final drive.

disk0s5: Also identified as 'Untitled 1', which is always helpful. It has a 42GB capacity, 106MB of which is in use. Had I taken the gamble I'd probably have installed to either this drive or disk0s3.

So, does anyone know if my gamble would have paid off? If not, what do you recommend I do? I miss Apple's OS, and I'd like to avoid paying the 'Apple price-tag', as I call it. Thanks for any advice, tips, or help!

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