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> Latest Iasl Ub (32+64) Upx Paked + Tools., Intel ASL Optimizing Compiler UB (i386 + x86_64) Ultimately Packed!
post Dec 12 2010, 02:48 AM
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first, I want to thank everyone, I mean EVERYONE involved, I use an AMD Athlon X2, you guys will know to whom I'm sending my greetings and appreciation, I'm not going to name anyone, but I truly hope you all will get it, thanks!!!

of course, other people should also feel included in my lines above, those involved with stuff outside of the hackintosh scope are in-there, like upx and such... you know what I mean.

here you have it, iasl UB, upx packed, and some tools, with the iasl resource file updated, please enjoy!


(I could not upload updated DSDTSE due to low available space, you can find it @ this other topic)

EDIT: forgot to mention: ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20101209-UB LOL biggrin.gif



Notice that even though there is no such a thing as "-UB" I'm just calling it like that because it is a binary containing both architectures, so here is what I did to get it done:

  1. Downloaded acpica-master.tar.bz2 as by Kabyl's instructions posted on the other site, search for "kabyl iasl" and you will find it, then I unpacked it under ~/tmp creating a folder called acpica-master, the full path is ~/tmp/acpica-master
  2. Downloaded the script posted at the same topic a few posts down following kabyl's instructions, placed it unpacked under ~/tmp/acpica-master and ran it, then did the rest for building it twice:
    1. Booted with arch=i386 and built 32 bit version, then...
    2. Booted with arch=i386 -force64 and ran make clean under ~/tmp/acpica-master/unixtemp/compiler followed by the stuff kabyl's showed at the compile from scratch topic to build it 64 bitS
  3. copied both binaries to ~/tmp as iasl.32 and iasl.64, then used lipo to join them like: $ lipo iasl.32 iasl.64 -create -output iasl, that gave me a binary with both 32 and 64 versions, but way too heavy, 1.5Mb, so...
  4. downloaded upx source and the tools needed to compile it, ucl and lzma, I did almost the same with it as by step 3 to get an universal binary file, I posted the resulting universal upx here at the forums, please search.

So, after like an hour or so I ended up with the universal binary I'm posting here, I also took the time to download latest versions of the tools where we usually would find this tool included, such as DSDTSE, DSDT Editor, iASLme, and posted here the same unmodified appz with my updated iasl in them, here you will find them, hope you download and use them, if you find them useful please post it at the respective topics.

please understand that even though there are other places where to find this tool/procedure I found more or less more useful to open a new topic for it since it is quite different from my perspective at least. enjoy.

Attached File ( 391.61K ) Number of downloads: 203

Attached File ( 438.14K ) Number of downloads: 190

Attached File ( 1.04MB ) Number of downloads: 200

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post Dec 12 2010, 11:58 AM
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Why are you cross-posting this all over the place, with much hype and little description? also, attachments aren't difficult if you just look at what you're doing.
This Time We're Doing it RIGHT

post Dec 12 2010, 02:51 PM
Post #3
well, many others do this exactly, posting the same over insanelymac and projectosx at the same time and I don't see them getting into trouble or anything, I just thought everyone ought to have not to use just one file depending on their architecture but both joined in an UB file and also packed since the unpacked UB version weights over a meg in size, my version is under 500k...

anyhow, there are topics about iasl which are just fine, I did not post this there since they are only about iasl in either 32 or 64 versions, and there is about enough info about what iasl do and also the topics about the tools are also full with details, I just wanted this topic to be about my version and that's it.

and about the attachments, they never showed up last night, kindda strange if you ask me, they where showing up just fine at insanelymac, but they removed the topic, so I don't know how to feel about it, I'm just trying to share something I know it's not like the discovery of a new magic formula or thing or procedure, but come on... it's iasl... it's universal binary (32+64) in one file, and also is smaller than the versions in other topics and tools, so anyhow... if this topic gets deleted perhaps I'll be the only one enjoying this tool, I just might publish it at blogspot or anywhere else, forgive me if I upset anyone. regards. unsure.gif

EDIT: just noticed the topic about attachments, pardon me for overlooking it.

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post Dec 29 2010, 07:26 AM
Post #4
well, here, MacBookPro5,3.ioreg, check it out, HAPPY 2011! thanks all, word.Attached File ( 102.09K ) Number of downloads: 30

EDIT: forgot attachment + source :

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post Feb 21 2011, 10:57 AM
Post #5
madmac, i hope you understand that the last thing we want here is to end up like Insanelymac has smile.gif


Your Friend and Mentor, Kiko
<3 bunnies

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