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> Ultimate Packer For Executables A.k.a Upx 3.07, Universal Binary, Ultimately Packed!!!
post Dec 12 2010, 03:49 AM
Post #1

unzip and put it on your hard drive inside /usr/bin folder... or anywhere you like...

try the following:

machine:~ user$ upx --ultra-brute <somebinaryfile>

please enjoy!!!

UPX 3.07 Markus Oberhumer, Laszlo Molnar & John Reiser Sep 08th 2010


EDIT: here is also, changed the version it displays at preferences.

EDIT: for some reason attachments aren't showing up at this place, so go to this topic @ insanelymac

// EDIT: Look on manage current Attachements...

Attached File ( 583.81K ) Number of downloads: 302

Attached File ( 1.31MB ) Number of downloads: 181

EDIT 2: I copy-pasted from the topic I posted at the other site, please forgive me for doing this, I don't mean to annoy anyone with this, I just want to share these tools. @TheKing: thanks!!!

I know I left many things without explaining, such as the purpose of this tool, so here it goes straight from the authors site @ upx dot sourceforge dot net:

UPX achieves an excellent compression ratio and offers very fast decompression. Your executables suffer no memory overhead or other drawbacks for most of the formats supported, because of in-place decompression. UPX strengths in a nutshell:
  • excellent compression ratio: typically compresses better than WinZip/zip/gzip, use UPX to decrease the size of your distribution!
  • very fast decompression: ~10 MB/sec on an ancient Pentium 133, ~200 MB/sec on an Athlon XP 2000+.
  • no memory overhead for your compressed executables because of in-place decompression.
  • safe: you can list, test and unpack your executables. Also, a checksum of both the compressed and uncompressed file is maintained internally.
  • universal: UPX can pack a number of executable formats.
  • portable: UPX is written in portable endian-neutral C++.
  • extendable: because of the class layout it's very easy to add new executable formats or new compression algorithms.
  • free: UPX is distributed with full source code under the GNU General Public License v2+, with special exceptions granting the free usage for commercial programs as stated in the UPX License Agreement.
You probably understand now why we call UPX the "Ultimate Packer for eXecutables". UPX aims to be commercial quality free software, based on experience with our previous packers (DJP, lzop, and the NRV library).

the lines above where taken straight from the authors site as I mentioned before, is a tool to make executables smaller, I compiled it under SL 10.6.5 using latest xcode 3.2.5 and is universal binary, which means it runs fine on both 32 and 64 environments, I used this tool for shrinking iasl tool, which I compile myself everytime a new version comes out, and I like to build it also universal binary, but I ended up with a file of about 1.5Mb which was way too heavy and not useful for sharing, so I thought I could pack it very small since I did that kind of stuff when I used to have GNU/OpenSUSE; the resulting iasl ub tool ended up 1/3 of the original size! below 500k! isn't fantastic?! tongue.gif

also in this version:

08 Sep 2010: UPX 3.07 has been released. It is a minor 3.0x maintenance release to version 3 whose major additions were:
  • optional LZMA compression
  • support for BSD systems

here is the complete changelog... is outside this forum...

problems should be reported here and if you guessed... yes... it's also out of here!!!

enjoy and share!

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