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> Seeking A Wi-fi/bt Half-size Minipcie Module, which would disguise itself as an Airport card
post Jan 24 2011, 01:49 PM
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Currently I have two modules in my laptop: a full size BCM4311 something which works as Wi-Fi, and stock HP Wi-Fi module, the only working part of which is the bluetooth module.

This seems to be not as energy efficient as it really should be, given that I'd like the full size slot to be able to accept a UMTS module of some sort.

So I tried to seek half-size dual Wi-fi/BT cards, and the only ones I was actually able to find were from Intel — which don't paticularly work.

What I need is some keywords (model names and PCI/USB IDs that is) which would help me google/ebay a card that would be half-size miniPCIe, fit both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and actually work in OS X.

If you have such cards, your experiences are kindly welcome.

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