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> How To Know What Video Card Supports Qe/ci (32/64bit?)
post May 3 2011, 02:42 PM
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How to know what video card supports QE/CI (32/64bit?)

Based on my experience, the max version of OSX that supports QE/CI ie:

For Nvidia

10.5 32bit - 5200FX
10.6 32bit - 6200, 6600, 7900
10.7 64bit - ???


10.5 - 2400HD

How does one know this info? besides trial and error?
This would help in a "Video card buying guide"

ie: why 10.6 not support 5200FX.

Again, I only mean QE/CI, not resolution change...

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post May 3 2011, 03:35 PM
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kocoman, this seems like good chance to ask you to please stop posting these useless threads or posts. This type of question/questions have been asked and answered many times in many places. Basically its something you should google or look up as instead of waiting for someone to answer it for you. One of the main goals here at projectosx is to not have unneeded clutter from such posts. I'd also like to ask you to try and not double space all your posts and try to keep it as simple and concise as possible as to not have one post take up a whole page; i dont mean this post in particular but all your posts in general.

Please dont think that I'm trying to discourage you from posting or asking what you need to know, just try to research whats already been written.
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Gringo Vermelho
post Jan 26 2014, 01:52 AM
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Namely Guide For All Nvidia Boards
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