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> Dell Insprion 1525 Mac Osx 10.6.2 Hazard, Assistance Needed for X3100 Driver
post Nov 21 2011, 03:45 AM
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Ok, so I've pretty much got my Inspiron 1525 to near Vanilla with a modified DSDT from my A16 BIOS. Literally had to remove alot of Kexts to remove duplicates of devices that were appearing after the DSDT was put into play.

So far, SpeedStep is working flawlessly, Battery Monitor is working (even stating my battery needs replacing, which it does), Sound is working beautifully.

Only thing I cannot get functioning is the X3100 Video, and I've searched for hacks and fixes to get the driver to function through the LCD (removing the CRT in the DSDT). My Inspiron 1525 is one of the lower brand versions

Intel Pentium D Dual Core 2GHz
4GB of DDR667 RAM
160GB SATA drive
Intel Extreme Graphics X3100 (Device ID 0x2a02)
Webcam (also works)

What now happens is when I move the X3100 Kexts over (32-bit Mode btw), and reboot after rebuilding Kext Cache and Repairing Permissions, I get a blue screen after the apple logo, before I just got the black screen which none of the sleep fixes worked. And if I plug in a External Monitor, it appears on that screen flawlessly with QE/CI modes enabled. O_O

Also, brightness control oddly doesn't work (yet works in VESA mode), and when I try to put the laptop to sleep and wake it back up after 5 minutes, the monitor doesn't power back on, and I have to blind navigate to restart, go back into Single-User mode, remove the kexts and reboot and I'm fine.

Anyone have any thoughts on what needs to be done to get the Kexts to work correctly and display on the LCD and not on an external monitor for 10.6.2.

Any help on this will be much appreciated.
post Nov 22 2011, 06:28 PM
Post #2
i3-2120 GA-H61M-S1 UEFI, Radeon HD6670-UEFI, ALC887(VoodooHDA 2.8.7), OS⌘10.9.5, OS⌘ 10.7.5 Clover HWSensors3 Realtek LAN v3.1.2
post Nov 23 2011, 02:36 AM
Post #3
Thanks Slice!

I do apologize for asking it, I know there are a ton of threads regarding this laptop, but I thought my issue was alittle different but it really wasn't. smile.gif All I did was apply your DSDT, despite my BIOS being A16 which doesn't seem to be an issue to be honest. I can run in both x86 and x64 modes and have all devices functional. Only thing that doesn't work is VT-x. sad.gif

After I applied your DSDT, my video started working full force, QE/CI and all. WiFi stayed online, NIC working great, Sound working, and with a simple kext my card reader is functional. Speedstep also works, as well as power management thru the original Apple PMs. I'm afraid to remove my Sleepenabler.kext as I'm unsure if I will kernel panic from it being removed, lol, so I'm kinda leaving it there as it doesn't seem to be effecting me in the slightest. Sleep also works 100%. Only downside I have is my trackpad isn't configurable and neither is my keyboard. I am unable to modify the keys so that the windows key is option, etc, etc.

Trackpad is the same issue, unable to increase tracking speed, and turn on dragging. sad.gif

Now with this DSDT in place, will I be able to update to 10.6.8 without any modification, or will there still be some minor changes I need to make before I reboot from an update to 10.6.8?

This post has been edited by Krazy-Killa: Nov 23 2011, 02:40 AM
post Nov 25 2011, 08:04 PM
Post #4
About keyboard and keypad thare are topics at the forum. Look for appropriate subforum.
Upadating to 10.6.7 is safe but udate to 10.6.8 is dangerous. I had to replace AppleACPIPlatform.ekxt back to 10.6.7 version and use my IOPCIFamily.kext.
Also there is a problem with mDNSResponder. Have to replace to custom version.
All informations and downloads in this forum.
i3-2120 GA-H61M-S1 UEFI, Radeon HD6670-UEFI, ALC887(VoodooHDA 2.8.7), OS⌘10.9.5, OS⌘ 10.7.5 Clover HWSensors3 Realtek LAN v3.1.2

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