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> unrealircd extended bans, ripped from elsewhere, i too have problems getting it correct :(
post May 6 2009, 01:38 PM
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Extended Bans allow you to have more control over your channel's ban list. The extended bans are split into two types:


~q and ~n, which are similar to plain old bans, except that they allow you to control what a user can do, without preventing them from joining the channel. ~q will prevent a user matching the ban from speaking in the channel, while ~n will prevent them from changing their nickname:


~c and ~r, are channel and real name bans. when ~c is used, anyone who is currently in a channel that matches the ban, will not be able to join. When ~r is used, no one whose real name matches the ban, will be able to join. (note: ~r treats _ as both the character _ and a space)

Syntax: /MODE #channel +b ~bantype:mask

Example: ~r:*Stupid_bot_script*

NOTE: an underscore ('_') matches both a space (' ') and an underscore ('_'), so this ban would match 'Stupid bot script v1.4'.

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