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> The many uses of Transmac
post May 16 2009, 02:45 PM
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Transmac (2 week free trial) is a key app for those starting out installing with only windows available.
Here are a few handy tricks:

To clone the Retail DVD to a USB stick:

Insert the retail DVD and open Transmac. select the DVD in the transmac browser & select make disk image from the menu.
make sure you don't try to save it to a fat32 partition because it will be too big.
insert an 8gb or larger usb stick, right-click it in the transmac browser & select "format with disk image" browse to the os x DMG you made earlier.
This stick can now be booted by any of the usual preboot methods.

Another use is to make a bootable usb stick which can be combined with a cloned retail DVD.

Attached is a 512mb compressed DMG containing chameleon 2.0RC1r431 with dsmos & Disabler in /Extra
So, unzip the .zip and then open the dmg inside in transmac.

Select "expand" and a suitable location & name for the uncompressed image, then insert a blank usb stick >512mb, right-click it in transmac and select "format with disk image" it will generate a chameleon boot stick suitable for booting a DVD clone like that described above on the most vanilla-capable hardware. Only the first 512mb of the stick will be used, but you can always remaster it once you have os x available.
Attached File ( 2.77MB ) Number of downloads: 952

Another useful trick is editing a chameleon preboot cd.
Attached is a plain chameleon preboot cd image. If you open the iso in transmac and browse into Extra, you will find Preboot.dmg drag this somewhere suitable and open it in transmac as well.
Inside Preboot.dmg is /Extra/Extensions & /Extra/Extensions.mkext You can add kexts (they behave like folders on windows) to the Extensions folder to customise your preboot cd (If you do so, remember to delete Extensions.mkext). Once you're done open the .iso again, delete the existing Preboot.dmg and replace it with the one you extracted earlier and edited. If you need space on the image, delete filler.bmp

Burn and boot smile.gif

dec. 17th 2009: please note this guide was written for 10.5.* not 10.6.* though the techniques may be applicable a lot has changed and would need modifying accordingly.
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