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> How to Report a Bug

This isn't a perfect world we live in, and there is always going to be bugs that we have overlooked. So when it comes time to place a bug report, make sure you make it a good one!

We need to know the following

Where you recieved the bug: This will help us track down the bug ALOT faster. E.g. "I found the bug on the Personal Messenger page"

A Bug Description: Tell us as clearly as possible, what the bug is. E.g. "The Reply button is off center"

Screenshots: We highly recommend you post a screenshot with your bug report, a picture is worth 1000 words (sometimes)

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> Default encoding bug
post Jul 9 2009, 01:29 PM
Post #1
Russian language uses other character set. There was ASCII-8 encoding and newer UTF-8 encoding. They are different.
We found some bugs at the forum using Safari 4.

Post of Yurik is corrupted. Seems to be interpreted as ASCII-8 (Cyrillic Windows) while really UTF-8.
In my reply we see good characters because ReplyEditor understand unicode.

I never see such bugs at russian forums but on insanely - yes.
i3-2120 GA-H61M-S1 UEFI, Radeon HD6670-UEFI, ALC887(VoodooHDA 2.8.7), OS⌘10.9.5, OS⌘ 10.7.5 Clover HWSensors3 Realtek LAN v3.1.2

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