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> Dell Xps M1330 Guide, The one-stop guide to Snow Leopard for the Dell laptop
Superhai the Gre...
post Sep 13 2009, 10:18 PM
Post #1
NOTICE:This tutorial is not updated anymore. Added link to Pre-boot CD's

Last update Saturday 02-Oct-2010 (0.21) 

The Dell XPS M1330 is a fairly decent laptop when it comes to Snow Leopard, but there are a few issues and pitfalls.

There are a variety of configurations available for this laptop from factory. It is quiet similar to the MacBookPro3,1, and that is the one we will use as a baseline.

There are various ways to install OS X, depending on whether you want to install from scratch or have a previous OS installed. I will in all cases assume you have a single HDD which will use one or more partitions and using the builtin DVD player. You should also have an Mac OS X install media on DVD as provided by Apple. I strongly recommend to stay away prepatched hackintosh DVD's, they install lots of extra or modified files and may and often will cause issues sooner or later.

Case 1, The Recommended
Empty HD, install Windows (or other OS) and Snow Leopard on a GPT formatted drive.
  1. Run disk utility from OS X Install DVD, you can use my Preboot CD to run it.
  2. Partition with two (or more) partitions, I recommend Windows get the 1th and OS X the 2nd. Remember to choose GUID Partition Table (GPT) from Options... Use MS-DOS (FAT) for the Windows partition and Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for the OS X partition.
  3. When completed, exit Disk Utility and Mac OS X Installer and reboot. Find your Windows Install Media and complete Windows Installation on the FAT partition you just created (I recommend to re-format it to NTFS) (if you need help go away - it is way outside the scope of this)
  4. Boot up with the OS X Install DVD (use the Preboot CD if needed) Now you are ready for the OS X install.

Case 2, Snow Leopard only
Quiet straight forward, just partition the drive in Disk Utility and it should be ready for install.

Case 3, MBR installs

Case 4, Installing to a disk with previous OS or data on it

Snow Leopard Installation
Now you should be prepared for the OS X. If you used the Preboot CD I provided it should be a breeze. Choose the options you need. And complete it.
You should now have OS X installed on a partition, but it will not be bootable. So you will still need the Preboot CD, but instead of using it to boot the DVD you will instead boot the partition you installed OS X on. You should be greeted with the first boot setup, which you should complete but you may skip registration if it makes you uncomfortable or you feel it is unnecessary.
When completed you should be in Aqua and next thing to do is to prepare your setup to make it bootable. We will divide it in three parts, mandatory, recommended and optional installs.

Booter, you will need something to be able to boot. I recommend Chameleon 2 RC3 or newer. [...]
Mandatory kexts; you will find them in the Preboot CD, and the ones that is needed are [...]
  • AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext & ApplePS2Controller.kext or VoodooPS2Controller.kext (to be able to use your keyboard and trackpad)[/size]
  • IOATAFamily.kext (to avoid kernel panic from the 10.6 version)[/size]
  • fakesmc.kext (to be able to run finder and other signed applications)[/size]

DSDT patch, dsdt.aml from the Preboot CD, may and should be edited for your CPU if you need power management. [...]

SMBIOS override. The SMBIOS table from the Dell is actually conform, but we want to change it to make it more Mac like. So the smbios.plist from the Preboot CD should be copied.
Update [...]
Recommended kexts:
  • VoodooBattery.kext (for your battery)
  • VoodooHDA.kext (for your sound)


There are a few parts that is not supported and a few issues that are still unresolved
  • Broadcom 5906 100Mbit ethernet card
  • Shutdown/restart when using Nvidia Graphics

Creating a Preboot CD
Preboot CD's available from here. Number 1 is most generic, and 5 more specific. Use a number lower if the one you try is not working


Final plea
No thank you posts, no "please help me" posts, no other "please" posts, no bump posts, no repeat posts, no off-topic posts, no unrelated hardware posts, no third party software/hardware posts, no flame posts and no non-sense posts.

Use google! Search before you read, read before you try, try before you write.


This post has been edited by Superhai the Great: Oct 2 2010, 04:04 AM
I have decided to leave the OSX86 scene, but if there are any particularities you need to address arising from my contributions, you may contact me on
If you want to work on any of my sources or projects, or if you are interested in hosting the files I provided you may use the same address to arrange a way to get hold of them. Any requests or questions for unrelated support, or other unrelated requests will be blacklisted, banned or regarded as an abuse and dealt with accordingly. 
Of course community friends may also use the address and you know who you are.
post Sep 19 2009, 01:16 AM
Post #2
Cool, thank you very much Superhai

oops, sorry, I was writing before I read the end...

Does Sleep work?
The most unuseful signature, erver.
post Jun 4 2010, 01:45 PM
Post #3
In the link provided by you

There are multiple Preboot ISO images from v01 to v05
How do we know which one does what and which one is the latest.

I could always download all 5 and spend a few hours figuring it out.
But a one line note from you explaining the versions would be a big help.

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