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> Lame Bots And Childish Opers
post Oct 12 2009, 03:40 AM
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I was recently in #hackint0sh on, where I encountered a bot with a lame trigger on the word "distro". I do agree with and understand the message it's trying to convey, but in my opinion it is executed poorly and shouldn't flood the channel with chan/notice spam when someone uses such a common word for the posix community, of which mac it self is a part of. Perhaps a trigger on the actual "distro" names, such as XxX, kalyway, ideneb etc would be more suitable. After venting my frustrations i was kicked by what i believe to be a childish admin who shall remain nameless. Thinking that "admin x" quite possibly was a bot too, i had changed my ident and rejoined the channel to resume my discussion with another user. Only able to get out the word "srsly?" before i was banned again by a different admin. With such irresponsible behavior and itchy trigger fingers on the ban button, it is no wonder why there is a spam bot problem in the channel. Had i been warned, or even asked to stop picking on the bot i would have gladly done so. But when one is to say "my favorite bsd distro is freebsd" and receive the message "Hexley> matt: dude.. only lazy people use distros. * Hexley thinks matt is such a freeloader..." it gets quite irritating. In closing i wish your admin would choose their battles and pick more sensible trigger words if they them selves are going to have such an annoying spam bots in the channel. dry.gif
post Oct 12 2009, 03:52 AM
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You need to get more sun. As someone who 1) spends quite a bit of time in #snowleopard and 2) not an op, my opinion is that your rant is ridiculous and without any merit whatsoever.
post Oct 12 2009, 03:57 AM
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i apologize for creating this thread. i've been informed that this forum is in no way related to the network/channel. feel free to delete it.

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post Oct 12 2009, 03:59 AM
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An ignore feature was added to IRC clients for a reason, use it if you don't want to hear a bot or anyone.
Besides... talk to the owner of the network... Good luck with that.

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post Oct 12 2009, 04:04 AM
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Me beeing the nameless op that did ban you the 2 time i wish to share the logs with the ban resons.

[05:14] ❮▲❯ nawcom sets ban on *!*matt@*.6E87D417.2A7D17F7.IP
[05:14] ◢✘◣ matt was kicked by nawcom (don't diss hexley.)
[05:15] ▬▬▶ Joins: matt (m4xx@
[05:16] <matt> srsly? =\
[05:16] <@Mushishi> !kb matt ban evading is not ok
[05:16] ❮▲❯ LeetHax0r sets ban on *!*@
[05:16] ◢✘◣ matt was kicked by LeetHax0r (ban evading is not ok)
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post Oct 13 2009, 02:20 PM
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QUOTE (m4xx @ Oct 12 2009, 04:57 AM) *
i've been informed that this forum is in no way related to the network/channel.

None of the forums that I'm aware of are affiliated with IRC networks, but given that information on forums is often easier to wade through than IRC logs, they tend to link to us. On the same token, the forums often host their own channels on other networks, or recommend users visit a particular one (examples are in my signature).

Also, ban evasion is quite strongly frowned upon and depending on a network's policies could cause either a temporary or permanent network ban, which is honestly much worse than just getting banned from the one channel.

Should you want to dispute the ban, it's often recommended that you contact the op responsible directly, if at all possible (and no this does not mean joining every channel the op is in and trying to hassle them into unbanning you. That's harassment and is generally punished by an on-the-spot network ban). If it was a bot however, then you're usually SOL.
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