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> Apple Dvi To Tv Adapter, How it works
post Jan 7 2010, 04:22 PM
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I searched infos about the DVI to TV adapter for months if not years until I get pissed and decide to do the job myself.
I dismantled it (which was a pain in the ass) and thought I'd share my findings.

Here are some photos :

After searching infos about the tiny chip, I found that it is an EEPROM, I guess it contains the EDID.
We don't see any other particular component beside resistors and capacitors.

The DVI side is moulded inside some plastic glue which prevents from looking what pins are used.
I was very curious about that since I wanted to know how it worked ie if it did convert some VGA or DVI signal to component video or directly picked the component signal from the connector. I then used an ohmeter to figure this out.
My findings show that the used pins are not related with DVI or VGA standards pinouts (Tho partly with analog pins).
BIOS examination of cards supporting this adapter show that a TV encoder is present on those boards which pushes away the idea of that adapter converting VGA or DVI signal.
My guess is that mac cards have S-Video pins merged with DVI-I connector, the adapter then picks the right pins and redirects them in the standard composite and S-Video plugs with some basic treatment, as if some usually onboard components were moved into this adapter.

My big conclusion is that we can'T use this adapter on our PC boards as it expects the TV out to be hardware wired in DVI-I using some exotic pining.

However I'm not a king of electronic so I might be wrong, I'll update later with precise pinout on DVI side.

EDIT : Here is the pinout I figured. The grey ones are ground.

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